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Partner, Marketing

Job Title: Partner, Marketing

JumpStart Client: JumpStart Inc.

Job Function: Marketing Communications

Location: Cleveland, OH

About JumpStart Inc.

JumpStart is a non-profit venture development organization that unlocks the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform entire communities. We provide a combination of funding and high-impact assistance for entrepreneurs and small business owners while also managing the Northeast Ohio ESP Network, a collaborative group of entrepreneurial support organizations located throughout Northeast Ohio.

JumpStart has also built a national reputation as a champion for greater diversity, winning numerous awards, including the 2017 Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Economic Opportunity Award, for our strong commitment to economic inclusion. We strive to find new ways to connect with entrepreneurs and small business owners in traditionally underserved communities, and we also believe in creating and maintaining a diverse internal team to maximize our own performance as an organization. We are actively seeking candidates who will bring racial, ethnic and/or gender diversity to each team, and our organization overall.

Key to JumpStart’s success is its ability to leverage the skills, experience and creativity of its inspired team to transform entrepreneurial aspirations into actions with measurable impact. JumpStart associates take great pride in making JumpStart a highly demanding yet incredibly fun place to work.

Position Summary

The Partner, Marketing leads (with the support of the President) the overall marketing and communications strategy, manages and evolves JumpStart’s marketing activities to deliver on the strategy, and stewards the JumpStart brand to enable the strategies to be most successful.

The Partner, Marketing leads the marketing team responsible for driving awareness, engagement, and advocacy for JumpStart among the organization’s stakeholders: entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and investors, university and institutional innovation leaders, private sector investors, influencers in the public, private, and philanthropic communities, community stakeholders, policy/government leaders and other stakeholders in driving inclusive economic growth for entire communities through unlocking entrepreneurship.

Of note is that JumpStart’s marketing must be relevant to the full diversity of our clients and stakeholders, including racial/ethnic diversity (with an emphasis on Black and Latinx individuals) and gender diversity (particularly, inclusion of women.)

An ambassador for the organization, the Partner of Marketing manages the marketing team as they directly build relationships with partner organizations, peers, investors, entrepreneurs and the media with the goal of advancing the organization’s position with these constituents, as well as to drive broader awareness and support. The Partner of Marketing is responsible for the creation (and overseeing the execution and implementation) of all marketing and communications programs and messages in order to achieve business objectives including: newsletters and other print publications; online/digital communications; media and public relations; content marketing and traditional marketing. The Partner will not only develop and use his/her knowledge and skills for the benefit of JumpStart, but also will manage the marketing team as they develop/accelerate successes of clients, customers, and partners.

This leader works with all functional team leaders to manage marketing support for all departments in the organization and also directly manages the marketing team members in the ongoing operations and processes of the department to ensure sufficient resource allocation, staffing and traffic to achieve the objectives and strategies.

Essential Job Functions

(10%) Brand and Marketing objectives, strategies, and annual planning (to achieve business objectives as well as brand objectives)

Set annual and multi-year objectives for marketing and communications that enable the vision and mission of JumpStart, support the programmatic work of JumpStart’s team members, and enable the organization to be sustainable

Completed in partnership with the President

Work together with President on the development of the JumpStart brand promise, functional and emotional benefits, and other features, and then use that as the foundation of all communication and messaging

(40%) Lead the team in the creation and implementation of key tactics needed to meet the marketing objectives and strategies against all our audiences, often including: earned media, sponsorships, content marketing, collateral, email communications, social media, web presence (digital platforms), speaking engagements, blogs/podcasts/white paper production, data and market analysis and insight, and market research.

Be a lead spokesperson, along with the CEO and President, for the needs and desires of our clients and constituents (all audiences). Ensure JumpStart marketing is highly relevant to audiences based on our insights about them.

Develop recommendations for the annual marketing mix and marketing calendar that lay out the work anticipated and provide tactical direction to the team. Manage the resources of the team to address these recommendations, including the skills needed on the marketing team and the use of consultants or agencies (within the budget to complement the team.

Be both a coach and a player, leading the work as well as contributing directly with some regularity (writing, participating and leading in any events, etc.)

Lead the team as a marketing generalist in the creation of content for all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, community leaders, donors and investors, that will drive those audiences through the commitment cycle (awareness, engagement, preference, action/advocacy) in support of JumpStart. Connect the dots across various initiatives and opportunities to better tell JumpStart’s story (including proof points/reasons to believe, data, consistent messages) and to highlight JumpStart’s activities (such as new investments, new grants, new programs, etc.)

Provide project management support and leadership as needed, when needed. Problem-solve, with President, about this or other needs which emerge in the work.

(20%) Marketing team management and JumpStart associate communications leadership

Responsible for building and managing a team of marketing professionals with the skills, capabilities, and ongoing motivation to deliver the objectives of the team.

Responsible for all aspects of ongoing team management including motivating, providing feedback, professional development, solving problems, and coaching.

Work with Communications Manager to develop and implement internal communications plans to inform our colleagues, including managing/reviewing any sensitive internal communications.

(20%) Ensure JumpStart provides excellent customer support, leading design and execution as informed by the unique needs of our funders and customers.

Provide direct marketing support and advice to JumpStart’s clients and partners, including entrepreneurs, innovation partners, and other stakeholders.

(10%) Other Marketing Leadership Activities

Be proactive in staying aligned and updated on all ongoing JumpStart work and serve as strategic partner and expert to other team leaders as we look to evolve our business and thinking into new or existing areas and/or industries.

Support the Communications Manager in any media relations support including crisis communications.

Oversee the management of the marketing budget to the budget guidelines, and the spending of that budget to maximum impact against the objectives for the brand.

Manage agencies to deliver on SOWs and budget guidelines.

Oversee the management of all contract partners, including freelance writers, videographers/editors, graphic designers and agencies, web agencies, social media agencies, and other contractors as needed.

Decision-Making Responsibility

The Partner, Marketing will make decisions on most marketing strategies and implementation tactics, from budget spending to key media messages. S/he frequently serves a spokesperson for the organization.

The President will be more involved in marketing activities or materials which will be reviewed by key external constituents such as:

Presented or reviewed by the CEO or Board of Directors

Presented to an external audience by the President (media materials, presentations, sales materials, or other materials which represent the president’s voice or which the President needs to deliver)

Directly connected to JumpStart’s brand reputation (e.g. crisis communications)

Outlining brand promise and multi-year or annual marketing strategies

Direct Reports

This position has multiple direct reports to ensure smooth operations and strategic planning as required by JumpStart’s marketing objectives. Current direct reports include the Communications Manager and the Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

Physical Demands/Working Conditions

Evening and weekend hours expected as demanded by prioritized projects and time-sensitive media and partner requests. In-region and out-of-state travel (
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