Telecommute Data Science Machine Learning Engineer

Data Science/Machine Learning Engineer

Status: Full-time position for 1 year (12 months from starting date)

Preferred start date: March, 2021

Location: USA-based, remote-friendly position

Compensation: Salary range: $115,000 to $125,000, commensurate with years of experience in

similar roles.

Benefits include: 100% coverage of high quality health care plan, considerable time-off package,

life insurance, 401(k)

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021

The Hearken Approach: Community Engagement Innovation

Are you a data scientist with an interest in working on applying Natural Language Processing

(NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to power civic and social responsibility? Are you looking for a

job where the ethics of software development is just as important as the design and delivery?

Hearken is one of the projects selected to receive funding through the Google News Initiative

Challenge. We are adding ML-powered workflows to our products to help newsrooms and other

civic institutions reach a diverse audience and listen to them at scale. These new workflows will

help our partners get the most out of their audience engagement efforts. Join the team and help

us scale public-powered journalism, listening and service to the public.

Who We Are

Hearken drives community engagement innovation. We help organizations better listen to and

engage their stakeholders to build a sustainable community of supporters. We offer

transformative and proven processes, training, and technology to operationalize community


What We Do

Through our consulting, technology and data solutions, we facilitate sustainable community

engagement design, delivery and growth for our partners. We help organizations generate

actionable insight from their stakeholders be that their audience, end users, customers,

employees, or students and alumni, and strategize on how best to implement that insight to

become more sustainable and successful.

Most organizations operate top-down, and don’t have adequate channels for getting feedback

and brilliant ideas from the outside. We work with teams to break down organizational silos and

participate in a collaborative design process. We work closely with partners to develop

competency in community engagement to ensure our approach is sustainable over time. We help

carve out those pathways and teach processes that help you gather essential qualitative insights

and apply it when you’re making the most important decisions.

Who We Serve

We’ve partnered with a variety of organizations, including newsrooms, museums, colleges,

foundations, religious institutions, and a variety of private sector emerging and established

brands. We are constantly discovering patterns and cross-disciplinary insights to share with all of

our partners.

About the role

Hearken is looking for an engineer with data science expertise to help us add AI-powered

workflows to our suite of products.

As an engineer in this role, you will work primarily on Hearken’s Google News Initiative Challenge

project to categorize incoming user submissions for our newsroom partners. You will work

closely with a team of engineers to build predictive and statistical models to leverage the insights

in 5+ years of wealth of user generated data in multiple languages. In this role, you will have the

opportunity to design and build new systems from the ground-up.

Job responsibilities

Apply relevant AI and machine learning techniques to design, build and test predictive

models for enabling workflows such as topic classification, entity detection, etc

Work closely with product managers to define use cases, and analyze feasibility of the


Develop a scalable, production-ready data pipeline and services in tandem with the

product engineering team

Score the models for accuracy and refine them over time to improve their efficiency and


We’re looking for these skills and experience:

Relevant experience in data analysis, data modeling and machine learning.

Experience in building production-ready services hosted on cloud infrastructure.

Proven record of shipping high quality code in a fast-paced, iterative delivery cadence.

Experience working with ML platforms such as Tensorflow, PyTorch or equivalent ones.

Experience implementing and deploying ML solutions using a well-supported pipeline.

Experience building deep learning models for NLP. Experience working on multilingual

text is a plus.

And these values and characteristics:

Strong analytical and problem solving skills: the ability to identify, and solve technical


Strong communication skills and ability to explain data findings and approaches to

stakeholders with varying levels of subject matter expertise.

Strong ethics around software development and technology choices

A good listener: someone who makes decisions through listening to and collaborating

with those closest to a problem

Adaptable: Able to change and adjust quickly as the business evolves

Team player: Ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021
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