Virtual Updates Editor

Updates Editor, Verywell Family

Contract / Freelance United States


About Your Role:

As a freelance commerce updates editor for Verywell Family, you will review and revise existing commerce articles in our content management system in order to elevate user experience, according to specific project instructions and brand guidelines. Updates commerce editors must commit to 20 hours weekly.

About Your Contributions:

You will research and perform revisions or updates to commerce content directly in our content management system as needed according to specific project instructions and brand guidelines.

In some cases, you will use your editorial instinct to independently assess what work is necessary on a piece of commerce content before performing an update.

You will fact-check and copy edit on top of any larger revisions and updates according to our style guide.

About You:

You have a strong background in commerce writing with current industry knowledge and relationships. You’re always on top of new trends and products. Experience covering parenting and baby products and gear as well as children’s apparel and toys.

You’re able to easily adopt an established brand voice, and you adhere to strict brand and style guidelines like a pro.

You’re comfortable working in a content management system and can work quickly, independently, and accurately.

You are comfortable working remotely.
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