Computer Vision Engineer at ZeroEyes (Philadelphia, PA) (allows remote)

ZeroEyes was founded by military special operations veterans, self-starters, and elite technologists. Our mission is to prevent gun violence and mass shootings by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

We are recruiting those interested in joining an extremely high growth startup. If you are searching for a job that asks of you the bare minimum, please do not apply. Your position, perseverance, and skillset are crucial to our mission success. You will be asked to break new ground. We are not looking for passion; we are looking for obsession in our mission to save lives. If you lack the minimum requirements, but believe you are the right candidate, please apply and let us know why you are still a fit. We look forward to speaking with you!

If you are missing some of the skills but believe you are the right candidate, tell us why.

In this position you will be:

  • Developing Gstreamer pipelines written in C to connect to and stream real-time video
  • Working with state of the art deep learning frameworks to deploy object detection models for inference
  • Testing and optimizing GStreamer pipelines to maximize hardware performance
  • Build, automate and customize deep learning training and inference environments

You must have:

  • Relentless work ethic and positive outlook 
  • C, C++, experience working with RTSP / IP camera streams

Additional preferred experience:

  • GStreamer, OpenCV, Deepstream SDK, TensorRT, Nvidia Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Charts, Ubuntu, Agile/Jira, Github

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