Senior Computer Vision Engineer


About Artivatic :

Artivatic is Bangalore based Insurtech Technology startup focuses on building innovative insurtech solutions.

Skills :

– We at artivatic are seeking for passionate, talented and research focused computer engineer with strong machine learning and computer vision background to help build industry-leading technology with a focus in document text extraction and parsing using OCR/ICR (Printed, scan and Handwritten) across different languages.

Qualifications :

– Bachelors or Master degree in Computer Science, Computer vision or related field with specialization in Image Processing or machine learning.

– Research experience in Deep Learning models for Image processing or OCR related field is preferred.

– Publication record in Deep Learning models for Computer Vision conferences/journals is a plus.

Required Skills :

– Excellent skills developing in Python in Linux environment. Programming skills with multi-threaded GPU Cuda computing and API Solutions.

– Experience applying machine learning and computer vision principles to real-world data and working in Scanned and Documented Images.

– Good knowledge of Computer Science, math and statistics fundamentals (algorithms and data structures, meshing, sampling theory, linear algebra, etc.)

– Knowledge of data science technologies such as Python, Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, matplotlib, etc.

– Broad Computer Vision knowledge – Construction, Feature Detection, Segmentation, Classification; Machine/Deep Learning – Algorithm Evaluation, Preparation, Analysis, Modeling and Execution.

– Familiarity with OpenCV, Dlib, Yolo, Capslule Network or similar and Open Source AR platforms and products

– Strong problem solving and logical skills.

– A go-getter kind of attitude with a willingness to learn new technologies.

– Well versed in software design paradigms and good development practices.

Responsibilities :

– Developing novel algorithms and modeling techniques to advance the state of the art in

– Document and Text Extraction.

– Image recognition, Object Identification and Visual Recognition

– Working closely with R&D and Machine Learning engineers implementing algorithms that power user and developer-facing products.

– Be responsible for measuring and optimizing the quality of your algorithms
Experience : 3 Years+

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