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We want to grow the network of websites that publish our high-quality financial analyses (including,,,, and many more). We would like to get them published in many more places.
Please apply for this job, if you are working for one of the financial / business / news-in-general portals or have contact to the editors (or people responsible for approving articles’ publication) of such portals AND can introduce us to them. We will not provide a database of people to contact or a list of portals where we are already published, so this job makes sense only if you already have contact with editors or are an editor yourself.
NOTE: These can be non-English portals, but in this case, the translation would have to be on the side of the portal (or yours, or someone else’s – either way, we would not be translating the articles ourselves).
This job is NOT paid by the hour, but ONLY through Upwork’s “bonus” system. In other words, once we get an intro to a given portal’s editor and this contact is “effective” (the given portal would publish a total of 4 analyses along with charts and at least 2 backlinks, coming directly from us written by at least two separate authors), we will send you a payment through Upwork’s bonus system. This is the ONLY payment that you will receive with regard to a given portal (we might provide an additional payment on top of that if we’re particularly happy with what you provide, but that is up to us) – we’re not covering any other costs.
The payment you receive depends on the PageRank of the portal to whose editor we get introduction:

$200 is for portals with a website that has PageRank of 4
$300 is for portals with a website that has PageRank of 5
$400 is for portals with a website that has PageRank of 6 or higher

Of course, this applies only to portals, where we haven’t been published within the past 3 years. If we were published there, but no longer are, then you can get half of the above bonus for getting us back there (i.e. convincing the editor to re-start publishing our analyses).

For example, if you introduce us to four editors of portals that have PageRank of 6 or higher each, and they each publish at least four of our analyses after we send it to them (with charts and at least 2 links intact), you’ll get a payment of $1600.

Attached are examples of our articles posted on (one example per author plus a brief description of what the author is writing about):

– “Tying the Signals in Miners, Silver and USDX to What Comes Next”  (technical and general commentary on the precious metals market)
– “High Premiums in Physical Gold Market/ Scam or Supply Crisis?” (fundamental commentary on the precious metals market)
– “Making Sense of the Narrow Trading Range in Oil” (technical commentary on the crude oil market)
– “Have the S&P 500 Bulls Convincingly Stepped Up to the Plate?” (technical and general commentary on the US stock market)
– “Stock Pick Update/ June 24 – June 30, 2020” (US stock picks plus market news commentary)

The job is entirely performance-based only, so please apply with only $3 as the hourly rate (you won’t be allowed to bill any hours anyway; applying more will let me know that you didn’t read the job description thoroughly and I will immediately reject your offer). All payments will be paid (through Upwork, of course) as “bonuses”, based on the number of introductions to editors of high-quality portals that you would get us on. Please note that I’ve spent quite a few dollars on this platform, hired multiple people, and have a five-star rating, so you can rest assured that these payments will be paid out exactly as described above.

Please reply with the URL(s) of the portal(s) to whose editors you could introduce us to – I will verify and confirm that I’d like you to proceed (and that I’d pay for getting us there).

Posted On: October 09, 2020 12:35 UTC
Category: Content Writing

Country: Poland

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