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We are Adventure Box Technology, a computer game technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company provides ”Adventure Box”, an online platform where users can make, share and play voxel-based 3D games.

We are looking for freelancers to create accounts on various sites featuring voxel & pixel art (a list will be provided upon hiring) and post comments about the 3D-model import feature at https://www.adventurebox.com/maker. Having a link in the comment is prefered but is not required
if the site does not allow links (such as with youtube).
The freelancer could be familiar with 3D-voxel modelling, but it isn’t a requirement.

The Import functions support 4 types of importing:
-Import of Qubicle models.
-Import of Magicavoxel models
-Import of 2d pixel art.

What is required of you is to enter the websites we assign to you and leave a total of 100 comments spread evenly between all of the sites, 20 on each.
We would also like for you to create additional acconts to reply to these comments.

A comment must not hide that it is a paid comment, it is perfectly acceptable to phrase a comment with "I represent Adventure box".
If you require examples of ideal comments then please take a look at our examples provided in this post but do not copy them completely.

Upon finishing this task you will be paid a sum of $25.

If you have liked this job and we liked you, we probably want you to do similar jobs in the future as we need more feedback on other parts of our game platform.

Best regards,
Benjamin Kingdon
Adventure Box

Budget: $25

Posted On: October 09, 2020 12:29 UTC
Category: Social Media Marketing

Country: Sweden

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