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Need conditional formatting applied to the attached XLSX. This will be a template where data is pasted in columns A to D each week. In cell G2, a ‘Report Date’ will be entered and used as the starting point in conditional formatting. In the attached I used September 25, 2020 as the Report Date (G1).

Here are the conditions I need created:

Conditional Formats apply to columns A to D (ignore headers in row 1)
Check dates in column D first, then dates in column A. No need to reference the dates in columns B or C.
Fill cells Green (Hex 67E481) if date is 7 days less than ‘G1’ or greater (9/18 or greater is green)
Fill cells Green and bold text if date is between 0 and 7 days greater than ‘Report Date’ (9/18 to 9/25 is green and bold)
Fill cells Yellow (Hex FFFD78) if date is 8 to 14 days less than ‘Report Date’ (9/3 to 9/17)
Fill cells Orange (Hex FF9300) if date is between 15 days to 180 days less than ‘Report Date’ (9/2 to 3/2)
Fill cells Red (Hex FF2600) if date is 181 days or older than ‘Report Date’ (3/1 or older)
Fill cells Blue (Hex 76D6FF) if date is 90 days less than ‘Report Date’ (9/25 to 6/25) only will trigger in column R
Font is ‘red’ if date is 91 days less than ‘Report Date’ (6/24 or older) only will trigger in column R

Budget: $50

Posted On: October 10, 2020 19:30 UTC
Category: Data Analytics
Skills:Microsoft Excel

Country: United States

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