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Our company currently provides short illustrated stories to teachers to help them teach their students how to read more effectively. I provide them with the engaging stories (that I illustrate), the lesson plans, and all of the activities the teachers must do with their students to help them advance in their reading growth.

Therefore, I am in need of a children’s book writer that has the ability to write stories on a variety of different complexity levels from Kindergarten through 4th grade level. I am looking to create a long-lasting working relationship with another writer.  We publish approximately 50 books each month.

The writer of the stories will get credit as the author of the books. However, all copyrights to the story will belong to me.



We are currently looking to create a more robust offering of engaging books that are CULTURALLY RELEVANT, CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE, and focus on all cultures, races, and ethnicities.  We want to ensure that our stories are free from bias and celebrate the diversity of our world and allow children of all backgrounds to "see themselves" in the books that they read.

Additionally, we want these stories to focus heavily on Social Emotional Learning competencies and have a lesson/moral that can be learned about from our stories.


Again, I am looking to create a long-term relationship with a writer that has the ability to produce 30-40 short stories from kindergarten through 4th grade complexity level each month.

We currently work with 4 other writers and are looking to add a new voice to our team!

Hourly Range: $15.00-$35.00

Posted On: October 12, 2020 16:27 UTC
Category: Creative Writing
Skills:Short Story, Creative Writing, English, Editing & Proofreading, English – North America, Children’s Literature, Ghostwriting, Humor Writing, Writing, Fiction Writing, Children’s Writing

Country: United States

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