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Scope of Work

We are after a quantity of stock video footage of a particular type of engineering group activity called a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis or FMEA. We will describe in detail what this activity looks like (we don’t expect you to have to learn every aspect of it!) We want to be able to use this footage to illustrate different aspects of the activity in our FMEA Online Course.  

A FMEA is a group activity where engineers and designers come together and discuss the various ways in which the ‘thing’ they are about to design or create can fail before they start. The intent is to try and eliminate as many design weaknesses as possible from the start.  

While we will go through the specific shots we require and how the scene is setup, please note the following characteristics we are after.

The group activity contains 8 people (actors) in total. Of these 8 people, one will be what we call the ‘facilitator’ who oversees the conduct of the FMEA. Another will be a ‘scribe’ who is sitting with the rest of the participants but has a laptop open where he or she records what is happening.

No audio is required. While we want the stock footage to show people talking and engaging, we don’t need (or want) any actor dialogue to be heard. The intent is for the stock footage to be shown while an instructor narrates the scene (which we will add post-production). This allows the stock footage to be based on people speaking any language.  

Diversity is ideal. To be appealing to as many clients as possible, we want diverse participants representing different ages, genders, and ethnicities. The facilitator will need to appear (at least) a little more experienced than the others.

We need to capture the human and emotional side. The FMEA is a group activity facilitated by an experienced engineer. We need to show participants that are introverted, extroverted, ‘loud,’ ‘quiet’ and so on. Specific direction will be provided below, but it is important to remember that this is part of what we need.

Blank projector screen and whiteboard. FMEAs are conducted with computer screens being able to be projected onto a screen AND have things like whiteboards for the facilitator to write things down. In this stock footage, we want the screens and the whiteboard to be blank so that we can superimpose images and illustrations post-production.

Please make it look modern! We would like a modern feel in the set, and with the stock footage (subtle pans and other things that take it to the next level).
Full description is in attached word document

Budget: $5

Posted On: October 12, 2020 16:31 UTC
Category: Video Production
Skills:Education, Screencast, Explainer Video

Country: Australia

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