[For hire] $35/hr Web developer React .Js, Laravel, Angular Vue.js/ / Node.Js/PHP/Ruby on rails

I specialize in architecting and building out systems with Django. I’ve spent years in the framework, using it to do the heavy lifting for both rapidly building prototypes/MVPs, and careful crafting robust, performance, and scale-able production systems. I’ve designed and built APIs using Django REST Framework, done loads of task-based processing with Celery, and worked with many external systems and integrations.

I’m also very comfortable as a full stack software engineer in general. I have React, Vue, and general HTML/CSS/Javascript experience necessary to work across front-end parts of any application.

Beyond all of that, I have low-level systems experience and native Android development experience. I also have data science and visualization experience, being familiar with the scientific python stack and D3 JS.

My rate is $35/hr, I also work on fixed rate.

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