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I wanna create an interacting social educational app which brings all the Nigeria Universities,  college,  polytechnic etc

Here’s the reference App.

The app will have bellow features

Bank wallet
Student can transfer into their Wallt from BANK and the money can be use to buy Airtime,  bills payment and can also send money to their friends withing the app and outside the app.  

Chatting Features
Chatting, group chatting, video calling, coverence calling,  voice note message with a clean interface.  ( The logo of this app will be used as a default background of this features and can be chance to color or user personal picture.)

Enable grouping of friends and followers


Student can follow and unfollow them self’s.  

#Tag Features

Emojis , GIFS

Broadcast Features

Auto Complete in Tweets 👇👇👇

Document Sharing Made Easy, student or any users of the app can share education materials to the app PDF, Doc  etc


Student can schedule an appointment with the lecturer vise-verser.


This means that you can send request message to people on facebook and can search you also from facebook

Status Features
There will be a status just like whatsapp status

This page is where the user of the app can store their educational materials and can be shared with their friends between the app and outside the app

Dark mode/light mode
User can switch to either light mode or dark mode


This is the homepage of the App,  the post the students published from their account will appear be a post, pictures,  videos,  education material, here just like this 👇👇👇👇👇

The users of the app can advertise on the app, sell education materials,  sell their products and services.

Appointment Feature
Lecturer can set an appointment with the student and the student also can make an appointment with the lecturer and a notification will be sent to the Appointee date,  time and duration.

Back-end Features









Suspicious users

Banned users



Messages / Shouts


Virtual Spaces


Staff profiles

                         IN SUMMARY

A social educative app developed for nigerians university, colleges,  polytechnic student

A social educative application. The application will be able to accept student information. The information provide can be updated by and only the student which is the initial owner of the account.
The application will allow students to communicate with each other.
The application will allow students to share and re share posts and study materials.
The application will allow the student to follow each other.
The application will allow lecturer to set test and student can take the test.
The application will allow user of the application to monetize his/her post. Especially for a student who sales item in the school premises.
The application will allow students to perform contributions and also transfer and withdraw with the application design currency for students. (SECC)
This application will engage student with the trending news posted by other school and students. User will be able to like, share and comment to post.
The application wallet would be made available to all stores, canteens, markets around and places where the student patronize most, so it would be a general acceptable currencies. Parent can also fund the student’s wallet as well.
The application will allow student to perform a deep search of information and also student in various schools.
The application will be able provide different suggestion to student to ease his/her search and operation.
The application all allow student to provide feedback to know what is not right and what is met to be added to the application

Budget: $350

Posted On: November 22, 2020 00:16 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Java, JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Android, iOS, Native, Hybrid, Phone, Tablet, Virtual Reality, Watch, Firebase, Google Analytics, Ionic Framework, AngularJS, React Native, Flutter, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, LevelDB, Couchbase, PaperDb, User Authentication, In-App Purchases, User Profile Creation, Review or Feedback Collection, Social Media Account Integration, Bluetooth, Camera, In-App Search, Map Integration, Payments, Advanced Analytics, In-App Advertising, Location, Chat & Messaging, Augmented Reality, Application Security, Motion Sensors, One Click Contacting, API Integration, Microphone, Offline, Push Notifications, QR & Barcode Scanner, Support, Microsoft SQL Server, Mid (100-999 employees)

Country: Nigeria

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