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I need you to build a wordchecker that can be linked to various resources (Excel files). There are Excel files for each language with around 100.000 cells each, so pretty huge. The app you are supposed to write should:

– accommodate the processing of huge word documents and allow for very quick return times
– Compare all the words in any given Word document one by one with the words in the Excel resources
–  return and list all the words in the Word document that don’t appear in the Excel file
– link the listed words to their respective position in the document
– be able to link to several different Excel files to the checker and allow the user to choose which resource he wants to apply the check with
– have a clean, easy-to-use, neat interface that doesn’t look shabby or outdated

You should be willing to sign an NDA and fill a form with your  basic personal data. Furthermore, the software will become my intellectual property after submission.

The wordchecker will only be the first milestone out of many more to come. If the result is satisfactory, I’ll be happy to provide many more jobs in the future.

Please make sure that your offer reflects your actual bid in terms of pricing and mention the estimated price for this project specifically at the end of your cover letter.

Please also provide a short summary of how you would approach/ realize this project in terms of technical implementation and give me a realistic timeframe when you can deliver.

Looking forward to your applications.

Posted On: November 22, 2020 04:31 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: Netherlands

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