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Looking for someone to build my WordPress website for me. I have most of the copy already available, just want someone to build it out.

I am a sports chiropractor and run coach who essentially needs an entire website design as it will now be my primary business website address, as opposed to simply a blog as it is currently set up as. I work in 2 clinics and online, have an online run club and also offer online courses.

I am more than open to any advice and opinions you have, and am happy to follow your lead on lots of things, as I’m pretty technologically illiterate/uninterested. The website will link to my Acuity page where patients can book online. I believe it will need only very basic features, most importantly the ability to link to mailchimp so that I can gather subscribers. I do think I will probably have to upgrade my WordPress subscription to make some of these features possible?

Current URL:
Main reason for update: I need it set up for my business now, as opposed to purely a blog. The current website is very basic and set up as a blog more than anything as a place to post things.

Examples of designs or features:
I want my homepage to look like this layout:
Simple and directs people easily to where they need to go. In the ‘Choose your own adventure’ part (which will instead say, "Where are you headed?") I want buttons for: BOOK ONLINE, COURSES, RUN CLUB and FREE STUFF. These will link to separate pages.


Basic page with copy about my 3 clinics (Wollongong, Sydney CBD and online). The links will link to my Acuity page, where patients can book online.


Basic page with my two courses: Strength Training for Runners and Embodied Runner course. I have copy for both. We don’t necessarily need to build an online store on this website for the time being, as we can link to our run club’s website, which already has these courses built in.

RUN CLUB link:

This will link to a separate website, our Runners Playground website.


Basic page with the following offerings:

– FREE 15-minute call with me
– FREE 10-day running technique prompt
– Join the Facebook group
– Read my blog

There are no current bugs that I’m aware of, but essentially I am after someone to set up the website entirely different to how it is currently being used.

Hope that makes sense!

Please let me know if any q’s.

Budget: $200

Posted On: November 22, 2020 22:17 UTC
Category: Web Design

Country: Australia

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