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1. This platform should be capable to collect headlines from some CSS websites [like this one, let’s say it should update each time this journal posts a new issue (something like RSS) e.g.] and be able to deliver to users (read below on how).
2. The website should (1) provide a list of available subscriptions; (2) allow them to select which subscriptions they want to follow; (3) enable them to write their email afterwards (to subscribe); (4) Enable them to agree to the Terms of Service; (5) Make a Robot check. (6) Finally the user should be subscribed to the list.
3. The user should receive, each day, an email of all updated from his subscriptions. We should be able to change the contents of email somehow, because we monetize based on this email.

We will provide with a list of websites that need to be included.

You should note that we are not professionals on this field and that you must feel free on how to technically offer this service to the end-user. We are open for comments and ideas.

***NOTE: Please provide your expectation of costs. ***

Posted On: November 22, 2020 22:33 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: Albania

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