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You have been given a data set from two experiments. The experiments involve recording different sinusoids in noise.
You are given the following:
1. Two sinusoids that are sequentially placed in a record having a total data length of 512 points.
2. The sampling frequency is normalized to one
3. Each record contains two sinusoids that are adjacent and have frequencies in the range of 2Hz  to 50Hz
4. Each sinusoidal signal is an  unknown number of points long
5. There is an added noise signal which is white with a Gaussian probability distribution
6. There are 10 data record and 9 students in the class. You can pick your own data record. Each student must claim a data record and everyone must have a different record.  

Your challenge is to find:
a. The frequency of each sinusoid (by stating the period in samples) – 60%
b. The point in the record when the first sinusoid ends and the second sinusoid starts – 20%
c. The phase angle of the sinusoid signal – 10%
d. The amplitude of each sinusoid and the amplitude of the noise – 10%

You are free to research and analyze this data in any way.
You should begin by using classical methods and dividing up the data record into smaller sections for independent analysis to find the different signals.  You can then use the methods discussed in class to separate signal from noise, however, these approaches may not be sufficient.
You are encouraged to agressively analyze the signals in any way in order to extract the important signals in the record.
Marking will be based on a short (max 5 page) written report which describes how you proceeded to analyze the data sets.

Posted On: November 22, 2020 23:34 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:MATLAB, Simulations, Amplifiers & Filters, GNU Octave

Country: Canada

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