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Looking for an experienced Full-stack developers that are experts with the MERN(Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS) stack to build a Crypto-token sale auction website like https://axionguide.com/#auction

Qualified candidates would have
– Full command of the MERN Stack.
– Solid understanding of WEb3.JS, Browser wallet extensions and how they interact with the Ethereum blockchain.
– Good product engineering mindset to not only implement requested features, but help guide development direction as needed.
– Candidates/Teams who have already built something like https://axionguide.com/#auction go straight to the top of the list.
– Ethereum Solidity smart contract development
– Development in Typescript
– Candidate would have experience with Solidity, Truffle / Ganache, Web3, Unit testing w/ Mocha
– Solid understanding of Gas costs and how to optimize code for it is required.

Posted On: November 22, 2020 15:25 UTC
Category: Emerging Tech
Skills:Ethereum, Solidity, Blockchain, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, React

Country: India

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