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A young startup ( is looking to create a well structured Design System in Figma.

High fidelity mockups and content architecture is already done for the product itself. A basic style guides with a few components already exists.

What are we trying to achieve?
– Set-up the Design System structure, using a solid foundation such as Uber’s Figma DS ( — feel free to propose better alternatives
– Components from the home page: already designed, re-organise them in the new structure of the design system
– Components from the prototypes: already designed in high-fidelity wireframes, require re-skin to match the new updated style guide
– Reskin of 4 key screens (web dashboard in 2 sizes and mobile screen in 2 sizes) to assess whether the design system is correctly able to be used
– The end goal is to have a developer pick-up the components later to implement them into the code to ensure consistency in the app being built

What is the definition of done?
– Follow Design System best practices: Searchable assets, Shareable Styles, Everything in one place, Reusable components,  (
– All assets should be exportable as SVG, groupings and naming should be clear
– All components should leverage Figma’s Variant feature to manipulate the component states (
– All components should leverage Figma’s Responsive components and auto-layout feature to ensure a single component can be used for any device width (
– Some components will be fluid, or have breakpoints or be fixed. Design according to what is currently in use or propose a solution in line with UIUX best practices
– Key screens must use only components as much as possible

Skills we are looking for?
– UX/UI Designer with strong organization skills
– Commitment to deliver as per the above definition of done in a timely manner (ideally around 3 weeks maximum)
– Get in touch first to get access to the existing design assets in order to fully commit

What’s next?
As we are still looking for funds the cost cannot be too high for now but we are looking for long term partners on the UI/UX front side. If we click, we stick.

Budget: $200

Posted On: November 22, 2020 15:23 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Mobile App Design, Web Design, Responsive Design, Website Redesign, Figma, Visual Design, High Fidelity Design, Style Guide, Graphic Design, Components Design

Country: Singapore

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