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Hello! I’m Raph, a full stack web developer with over 3 years of experience developing websites and web applications. I have extensive hands-on experience with React.js and jQuery, and I’ve been using HTML, CSS and Javascript in some capacity for almost 7 years.

I have 4 years of experience with backend development in Node.js and I’ve worked with a number of database systems, including relational MySQL databases and graph databases such as Neo4J. This year, I’ve done a lot of work with AWS services including Lambda, RDS, EC2, Cloudfront and S3.

Some of my most recent projects include

  1. www.CardsGa.me, an online multiplayer Cards Against Humanity clone written with a jQuery frontend and a Node.js/MySQL backend and played by over 800,000 people in the last five months.
  2. 37Questions.com, a socket.io based multiplayer card game featuring a React.js frontend and a Node.js/MySQL backend, hosted on scalable AWS infrastructure.
  3. OpenVideo, a short video sharing app developed with a Flutter frontend and a Node.js/GraphQL backend, featuring a video recommendation algorithm powered by a Neo4J graph database.

I’m interested in any available Javascript positions, and I’m more than happy to discuss project-based jobs at length before any commitments are made. You can reach me here on reddit or by email at [raph.hennessy@gmail.com](mailto:raph.hennessy@gmail.com).

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