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We launched a new version of our woo-commerce website in September but we did not migrate the users from our old wordpress website. We now have two different databases with different user data.

It’s very frustrating for our old users because they now need to re-register.

I want to to merge the user from the old wordpresss website with the new wordpress website.

Some users have recently created new accounts on the new website.
In cases where there are duplicates and a user exists with the same email address on the old website and the new website, it should not be migrated over. Only the most recent record (the one on the new website) should be kept.

This will first be done on a staging site to make sure it works before we do the migration on the live site.

Due to data protection and the fact that you will be working with users emails and passwords, this job will be done via remote screen share.

I am also looking for someone who has the availability to take on a long term project. The position is for someone to join our team and work approximately 20hrs/week. If this task is completed successfully, I will offer the job to you first before I look at other candidates.

Budget: $100

Posted On: November 22, 2020 19:13 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: United Kingdom

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