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We are collecting various details about rental properties from different sites.
We are looking for people to check the quality of the details we have collected from various sites. You will identify issues based on various parameters we have defined and report to the developers and follow them up until they all the issues get resolved.
We have a well-defined process to check the quality of the data to spot most of the errors quickly. The process is very simple and anybody with good analytical skills can do this job very easily. Check the video here( to get more ideas about the process.

1. Good analytical skill
2. Good written and spoken English
3. Basick knowledge of JSON
4. Preferably work in Danish timezone

1. Check every parameter/rules for the details we have collected
2. Log issues on our ticketing system(Github)
3. Followup developer to get the issues resolved
4. repeat 1 to 3 until all issues resolved.
5. Complete a simple data approval process for verified data

To qualify for the job, you need to identify all the issues in 10 different data sets received from 10 different sites. If you do that job well, we will hire if you have competitive price.

– This is fulltime, long-term job
– The budget mentioned is just a placeholder. We need quotes for fulltime monthly engagement.

Budget: $10

Posted On: November 22, 2020 13:29 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Topic Research, Reports, Information Literacy, Company Information, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Microsoft Excel

Country: Denmark

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