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I. Introduction:

We need a Progressive Web App (PWA), with Node.js and Angular/React JS, for a on-demand buyer seller application where sellers can register there services and buyers can avail those services. The application has to be hosted on cloud.

II. Requirements:

Features required:
    1. Seller interface: my profile, my service bookings, notifications, logout
    2. Buyer interface: book service, my profile, my bookings, notifications, logout
    3. Admin interface: bookings, users, ratings and reviews, all searches, impersonate user, show seller/buyer availability on a map

Service availing work flow:
1. Buyer chooses a qualification/service.
2. Buyer is presented with the profiles of sellers, based on the vicinity of buyer’s and seller’s registered location.
3. Buyer chooses one seller, then chooses service time and proceeds to checkout to make the payment (Initially no payment gateway integration, it’s going to be free).
4. On booking completion, seller is notified. Notification is also sent to both on the day of service.
5. In case of cancellation from either side, the other is notified.
6. After service time, both parties rate and review each other.

It is to be ensured that the design is secure and flexible to expand the application later as it is just one of the work flows of the many planned.

Budget: $340

Posted On: November 22, 2020 15:06 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:AngularJS, Node.js, Progressive Web Apps

Country: India

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