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I need a professionally written Python class script and tutorial guide to connect to a serial COM device (such as Arduino) based on the serial number defined in the device USB descriptors and issue a variable command.

I need the scripts and also how to guides for using them in both Windows and Ubuntu 20. For example, the guide should show how pySerial is installed.

1. Must be a class object format that can be imported into other scripts
2. Use Python 3.X
3. Compatible in both Linux and Windows environments
4. Have thorough commenting in code
5. Guides should use correct English

Example structure might be:
class COMConnect {​
def connect()
def sendCommand()
def receive()

Must also include a sample script calling the python script into action
Example: COMConnect("SERIAL","COMMAND")

Code must be VERY clean,  organized and professional.  The how-to guides should be in English and should be very easy to understand.


Hourly Range: $17.00-$37.00

Posted On: November 22, 2020 08:12 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation

Country: United States

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