Researcher required for Catholic publication – Upwork

I require the services of someone who can demonstrate a very deep understanding of the Catholic faith to assist me with the following tasks:

Obtain for me the following images
High resolution ( 8mb and up)
classic artwork the Mysteries of the Rosary (3 of each mystery of each 4 groups)
classic artwork including iconography of Maronite saints
classic artwork and iconography of the Holy Queen (no less than 25 images)
classic artwork of St Louis De Montfort
Middle Eastern (Syriac) Iconography of any Catholic or Maronite Saint (no less than 30 images)
60 variations of images of Jesus Christ
A total of 81 variations of images of St Joseph, St Paul, St Peter, St John the Baptist, St Mary Mackillop, St Charbel, St Maroun, St Rafqa, St Nemtallah, (must be a minimum of 9 images each)
Artwork of any kind depicting the Holy Trinity (no less than 7 pieces)

Files I will reject
Files which are photographs of artwork.
Files which have been cropped unevenly
Files which do not meet the minimum 300dpi resolution
Files which do not meet the criteria as specified above

All work must be delivered to me via a Google Drive Folder, with each sub folder clearly marked. A separate word file  / spreadsheet must be provided with the source links of where you retrieved the files from.

Purpose of this work is to use the images as part of a private publication.  Commercial use rights are preferred, but not essential.

5 days available to complete the work, else please do not attempt this project if you cannot meet the deadline.

Posted On: November 22, 2020 10:23 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Critical Thinking, Topic Research, Web Research, Image Processing

Country: Australia

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