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I have the Elise 2.0 theme installed on my Shopify store, we have a fashion store : Please find below the issues that need to be resolved:

1. Product variants in the collection page while being viewed has multiple colour circles even though all my products have only one colour. (Need the fit variant to be available for Menswear: Slim Fit or Comfort Fit, as buttons Colour variant need to be shown as only one colour per product)
2. On the mobile/desktop not able to go to the next image while on the product page. Cannot zoom into the other images either.
3. The "Buy it now" feature which is available on this theme is not working. (The button cannot be clicked)
4. Would like to remove the "Agree to terms and conditions" check box from the cart/quick view as well.
5. The total sold/ Total visitor (needs to be visitors) is not appearing correctly.
6. Spacing between Add to cart, buy it now, wishlist, compare needs to be increased.
7. Previous/Next button doesn’t appear on certain products (Adam – Navy) and is not available on mobile viewing (the buttons).
8. The related products tab is available via the theme but none of the products from the same collection is showing (Maybe because products are part of more than one collection).
9. The social links are not showing at the footer of the website.
10. Filter is not working basis the sizes available, colours or price.
11. Wishlist is not working, even after logging in. The heart button (wishlist button) is redirecting to a broken link.
12. The blog has some other data on it, it was made on the theme Debut but on this theme, it is very different. Please help me with these bugs as soon as possible. Waiting to hear from you.
13. Theme shows its currency is supported but I’m not sure how to automate it, basis where the person is viewing from. (Dollars US)

Could you please share a reasonable quote for the above bug fixes? My budget is low. Please help me out.

Best Regards, Anirudh Kollara

Budget: $15

Posted On: November 22, 2020 05:17 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Liquid, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Shopify

Country: India

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