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HELLO EVERYONE! Nice to meet every single one of you! and I hope I find GREAT PERSON today! =), I will write SHORT and DIRECT.


– The website will be similar to – "just chatting" section. More accurately, website we want is, ENGLISH VERSION of these Asian websites, which are mostly women live cam (Not Adult) – Here are some example websites:



– I would advise to take a look at each site quickly, and take most closely look at the "", as they are very simple and we like that style as start up. We’ve hired many Pakistan India Kenya etc, many more countries, and we plan to pay at your countries GDP + 10%. It seems fair as we are looking for long term, one day, you will get an office in America. THE REASON we use Upwork is to hire Pakistan/India/Bangladesh/Kenya and MORE, teams, as they are 20 times cheaper than America. So we will pay 10% more at your countries cost. We dealt with lot, first they offer 30k, then we reject than goes to 10K, then after a week, we already got someone, and now offer to do it for 1.5K.  (This is ANOTHER PROJECT, NOT THIS. and this happened A LOT. so BE FAIR, it’s long term business, 10% on top of your countries actual price)


1. You must be EXPERT or have EXPERIENCE with live streaming websites – knows what to do without research… We need you to ALREADY KNOW what API to use OR WHO TO HIRE. (we pay you, and you hire NON-ENGLISH SPEAKER WHO are half price or lower usually etc You can make your own team, you as leader.).

2. PREFERRED: a LEADER ABILITY TO PUT THINGS TOGETHER, giving work to your members, or hired people, and putting them together, LOOKING AT BIG PICTURE ABILITY. Similar work as "CTO", but it’s small country so, its NOT CTO, but "FULL STACK DEVELOPER **TEAM LEADER*"

3. I am hoping you have a TEAM, minimum of 5 people at least and it’s long term, LYING wont work. We had 1 guy who said team of 11 but caught lying, he got sued because it was big project. DON’T LIE.

3. LONG-TERM 5+ years, you start with us, we go until the end.

4. If you are a ALONE, but if you are an expert or have direct experience with Live Streaming Website Creation, we still might be interested. Talk to us. You can create your own team.

CONCLUSION: We prefer, experienced, a leader ability. A pre-existing team, bigger the better. You should know what host to use, API, etc. EXPERIENCE is most important, and doing a CTO type work, a LEADER WORK,  you will be FULLY RESPONIBLE for technical side of website. I want to have AS MANY PEOPLE working on this website, because we WANT IT DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Message me for serious people only, and MUST REPLY WITH THE PRICE. If it’s TOO HIGH, you will be ignored. We already know the price.

IGNORE OUR BUDGET, you write the price. And please, read carefully EVERYTHING in this post. Read TWICE if you can. We don’t work with people who we have to say it twice. We will PAY GOOD, for your country’s GDP price. 10% and BIG TIPS if work is impressive and you are doing very well.

Budget: $666,666

Posted On: November 30, 2020 03:10 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: Canada

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