Principal Front-End Engineer, Tech Lead (React and Java EE) at Unanet, Inc. () (allows remote)

We are seeking a Principal Front End Engineer – Tech Lead to help take our web app (Java EE) and tech stack (multiple React apps and Java EE platform layer) to the next level. We’re looking for a dynamic individual who is no stranger to building well-designed, performant and effective front end web applications that support complex business rules/flows. You will start by learning from the experiences of our current team and our current offerings and become intimately familiar with our web app and tech stack. As you improve in your understanding of our business logic, you will contribute your front end experience by helping to evaluate and architect the best front end technology to adapt to by working with our existing Tech Lead Guild and by adding more features to our product. You will leverage your experience to establish best practice for web development and drive our team and our codebase to a higher level. 

Our Principal Engineers look not only to help technically lead, collaborate, and develop their career, but are also hungry to assist others in the development of theirs as well. You’ll have the opportunity to set the tone of the platform you’ll be working on.

What You’ll Do

  • Help solidify our next gen web app that is deeply rooted in a SAAS-first React approach using the Strangler pattern to wrap the existing Java EE web app and refactor the most used areas into React
  • Drive front end architectural decisions (including simplifying the CRUD layer) to develop a maintainable and reliable code base that is efficiently deployable and maintainable in production (multi-tenant, CI/CD and easily debuggable via a log-first approach) 
  • Work closely with our Team Lead and Development Manager to identify our “North Star” and then flesh out the technical backlog to get us there.
  • Provide constructive feedback on pull requests to increase code quality
  • Collaborate with other team members to build shared services that can serve many applications and scale independently
  • Enable our product team to tap into our valuable data sources and build incredible features for our customers
  • Actively participate in all front end development projects and work together to build high quality solutions for our customers
  • Present ideas to technical staff to help shape our technical landscape
  • Ensure software developed adheres to best practice and quality standards through code and design reviews

Your First 90 Days

In your first 30 Days

  • You will participate in our 2-week immersive to understand our culture, our product and our tech stack – proctored by our Team Lead, Dev Manager, and Agile Coach. This immersive will focus on our effort to introduce React into our web application and how to leverage components from multiple other React apps we already have in production. 
  • You’ll work with our Web Team Lead and Tech Leads from other front end teams as well as our API/Platform team to understand our product architecture, standards and development tools.
  • You will help execute on introducing two (2) new aspects of React in our current tech stack by building proof of concepts to demonstrate tech stacks coexisting and present the same to various technical stakeholders.
  • You will create a loosely defined North Star with your Team lead and Development Manager and then present (in the form of a Jira backlog of Epics) a front end technical roadmap that takes scalability, testing and performance into account as well as a gap analysis of what can potentially be done even better.
  • You will spearhead the technical project of wrapping the Java application in React by using POCs and technical spikes to build out a semi-comprehensive backlog of work items.

In your first 60 Days

  • As Tech Lead, you’ll work with your Team Lead to create and help work on the backlog of technical infrastructure work that was identified in your First 30 Days, including the adoption of the newly identified tech for our Q1/Q2 2021 deliverables.
  • You will meet with various stakeholders (other Java and React Engineers as well as Cloud Operations) to put forth a CRUD layer that works for everyone and is easily deployable and maintainable in production.

In your first 90 Days

  • You will play an integral role in our deliverable of bringing a single unified app that co-exists across two technologies into production.
  • You will instill the discipline of effectively monitoring and creating work items from our SDLC process, including monitoring issues in our lower environments and help with issues in our production environments.
  • You’ll continuously evolve and uplift our tech stack by continuing to evolve the technical roadmap and future deliveries.
  • You will help mentor and train other engineers on our front end framework.
  • You will play a meaningful role in helping hire future members of our growing Product team

Who You Are

  • You’ve lived and breathed through multiple (3+) React apps in production across multiple (2+) companies and have the knowledge and battle scars to prove it.
  • You’ve taken on the challenging task of wrapping a legacy web app (Java EE) in a modern framework and have it coexist and transform areas of that web app at least once.
  • You’re a passionate advocate of all things  SPA, from UX frameworks to deployment frameworks. 
  • You enjoy leading tech stacks, not leading people (i.e., you want autonomy but also understand and respect the responsibility and discipline needed to become successful).

More About You

We look for engineers that share our passion for building and scaling cutting-edge web apps in a fast-paced, startup environment – one that already has the benefit of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenue. You should possess:

  • 7+ years experience developing web applications
  • 4+ years of React.js (this will be your primary language)
  • 4+ years of Java EE (you will rely on this to bridge the two tech stacks)
  • 2+ years experience in non-front-end development (e.g., API)
  • 2+ years experience technically leading web or front end app teams
  • Proficient with MVC, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and SQL
  • Ability to flesh out user stories to be consumed by the rest of the team
  • Keen eye for enhancing tech stacks
  • Experience working in an Agile environment (e.g., Scrum, Kanban)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Your Differentiators

  • Ability to collaborate with team members remotely
  • Catalyst-mindset (i.e., the ability to tangibly see the future and influence the tech stack and other leads that you work with)
  • JS Unit Testing
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science 

Team Lead vs. Tech Lead

  • Team Lead: Leads the Scrum Team (who does what and when) along with the Product Manager, efficiently manages Scrum activities with the support of our Scrum Master and contributes to production-deliverables (code) at least 50% of the time.
  • Tech Lead: Leads the tech stack and, along with our Team Lead, coordinates when technical items get done and put into production. Contributes to production-deliverables (code) at least 70% of the time.

Our Values

  • We are a Team. Employees, customers, and partners working together.
  • We are Customer-Focused. Customers are the heart of everything we do.
  • We are Driven. Seeking exceptional outcomes.
  • We Own our Success. Every employee has a stake in our company.
  • We do the right thing and have fun in the process.

Unanet is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be considered for positions without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other consideration made unlawful by applicable federal, state or local laws.

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