Audio-Unit Plugin Developer needed for a simple Stereo-Image Visualizer – Upwork

Deliverable:  Audio Unit that runs on the latest version of Logic, with as little latency as possible.

Basic Functionality:  Analyze incoming audio, and measure+plot frequency spectrum and relative amplitude of each frequency for each pan position in real-time

X-axis represents Panning (Left-to-Right)
Y-axis represents Frequency (20Hz-20kHz, logarithmic).
Output a visual asset (white dot) for every panning/frequency combination in the signal.  Asset brightness scales with amplitude.

At its simplest: a single sustained sine wave input would be represented as a small white dot on a black screen (w/ labeled axes).  Turning it louder/softer would make the dot brighter/dimmer, panning the sine wave left/right would move the dot left/right along the x-axis.  Pitching the sine wave up/down would move the dot up/down along the y-axis.  Adding more sine waves would add more white dots, whose brightness and location would be plotted according to their amplitudes, panning, and frequencies.  A much more complex input–a full song, for example–would look more like a small galaxy of white dots quickly blipping in and out of existence on the black grid.  A very fine grid resolution is preferable, as long as latency is manageable.  Open to suggestions.

Budget: $100

Posted On: January 12, 2021 07:43 UTC
Category: Desktop Software Development
Skills:Apple Xcode, macOS, Plugin Customization, Mac OS App Development, Logic Pro, API

Country: United States

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