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Brief: Integration between WooCommerce and Accredo

Key Objective:
Integration between Accredo and eCommerce platform (WordPress/WooCommerce) to allow for a seamless exchange of customer and transactional data to be pushed between.

We are currently running WooCommerce on the website but are manually transferring orders into Accredo for processing.

Accredo should push through products (titles, product codes, images, descriptions and stock) to the online shopping cart or WooCommerce. The shopping cart then pushes back invoices/quotes and customer data and removes off a quantity of stock as it is sold.

Initial Deliverables:
• A consistent automated process to automatically enter orders/quotes into Accredo
• A consistent automated process to automatically create customers in Accredo if they’re not setup
• Update WooCommerce orders based on the status of Accredo orders

Expected Initial Outcome:
Remove the need for entering orders/customers from the website manually in Accredo.

Completion of initial deliverables/outcome: 31st January 2021.

Further Pain Points:

Unprocessed Orders:
Currently, in the backend of Accredo, orders received show a status of ‘unprocessed’. We want to ensure the correct status is applied to each order for the purpose of collecting data for customer purchasing behaviour in order to predict stock.

Price Discrepancies:
There are price discrepancies between Accredo and the website. Often client needa to manually reduce the price of a line in Accredo to match the price paid online.

Pricing Updates:
Previously any price updates were going through their website provider with client providing a .csv file. It would be much more efficient if pricing was directly connected to Accredo.

The current freight charges seem to never cover the actual cost – can we automatically link accurate freight costs to the site with Accredo?

If you have this kind of integration experience and know WooCommerce and WordPress seamlessly, we want to hear from you.  

Thank you

Hourly Range: $20.00-$45.00

Posted On: January 12, 2021 09:23 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API Integration, eCommerce Website, Custom PHP, Website Development, Database Architecture, Database Design, API, Software Architecture & Design

Country: New Zealand

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