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A portal where tutors can create a profile and parents/students can search and book a a tutor for a lesson (for their children). Please see attachment before bidding.

The website design will have been already created a large section of in figma. See attachment for design.

*****No holding bids ******
*****No WP developers****

I have had quite few offers, a lot of generic ‘cut and paste responses’ (which I don’t even look at anymore). Please see attachments

I am looking for someone who will invest quality time, is knowledgeable and guide me to get this project off the group. This is a long term investment, so need to get the basic structures right as this business grows.

I have been given different advice on how to build it. If you briefly suggest backend and front end development to make it efficient, reliable, response and fast loading.

Laravel has been the suggested, but other have suggested PWA using Gastby (PWA for React) with the database stored as a reactive database in Firebase or cloud database – please advise on this.

Would like to start ASAP

Budget: $3,500

Posted On: January 12, 2021 07:44 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: United Kingdom

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