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My non-profit client is looking to customize their WordPress website. About half of the requirements seem to be CSS. The other tasks involve attempting to customize a WordPress theme that was built and abandoned a few years ago.

Your first step would be to advise us if the theme is editable, or if we should go to a new theme.

If we go with a new theme, you would sandbox our existing one, test and recommend a new theme, then port it back to production.

Below are the requirements. A new theme might take care of most of these.

Here is our existing site: www.ja-neo.org

Mention the word ‘fish’ in your first line of your proposal to be considered.


Replace the current banner with the one I created, linking back to the home page when clicked
We plan on removing the side bar, so we’d like to extend the website across the width of the screen.
Text – All text (headers and paragraphs) changed to Open Sans typeface.  
Make everything 2-3 sizes bigger to help fill the page better. Keep everything consistent in terms of their current sizes in relation to each other.  
Heading 1: Bold typeface. Remove arrow/triangle icon. Colour – #8fc440. If too light we can change.  
Heading 2: Semi-bold. Colour – #424242
Heading 3-6: Semi-bold. Colour – #424242
Paragraphs: Regular. Colour – #424242
Align to the centre of the page instead of left to balance with the logo
Header menu: White background. Text: #424242, semi-bold Open Sans.  
Text Highlight colour: Orange: #fd8204
Dropdown menu: Lime background (#8fc440). Text: White, semi-bold Open Sans
Text Highlight colour: #00763d
Secondary dropdown: Orange background #fd8204. Text: White, semi-bold Open Sans
** Add a search function for the site **
Clear Invest and Volunteer buttons
Add clear Volunteer and Invest buttons to top right of page on top of banner
Inspired by JA Central Ontario website https://www.jacentralontario.org/about-us/
Text: White, Open Sans, Bold.  
INVEST IN JA – Orange background: #fd8204  
VOLUNTEER – Amber background: #fdb614
Socials bar:
Add a socials bar – preferably somewhere close to the top so it’s easy to find
Secondary location options: Footer bar, Customizable.  
White icons on Lime background (#8fc440)
Add social icons again to Footer menu
Include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Keep flush left for now. We may have to adjust visually once we remove the side bar, but I think making everything centred would be too much.

Budget: $400

Posted On: January 12, 2021 08:17 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website Redesign, Website, Landing Page, Website Development, Interaction Design, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Very Small (1-9 employees)

Country: Pakistan

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