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We had employee that built our website amd back end booking in system he left company on bad terms and took down the back end data base however he sent me sql files with data so just needs sorting data there

I need it all back up
Can you help
We had sections down side

Dashboard graphs showing income
And a graph of sales

Booking  under this customers name address phone number job description etc

Loyalty card
this section was the savings club for Christmas so I could put money into cards

Sales this section was laptop and computer sales with date purchased warranty

Income    our daily income for the shop

Orders   Anything customers had ordered  to coming to the shop price paid contact number

Outstanding invoices. Any invoices outstanding company name how much

Have a few pics of data base I have added we have 2 SQL files as we had two databases as we have 2 shops both down but both same database

Call me mark 07766491783

Posted On: January 13, 2021 09:31 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Java, Kotlin, PHP, CodeIgniter, Node.js, Android, iOS, Android App Development, iOS Development

Country: United Kingdom

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