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I’m looking for someone to create me a simple MLM Ecommerce Website.  Below are the specifications

General Features:

View Earnings
Earning Summary
Gross Income
Net Income
Miscellaneous Fees and Taxes
Edit Payments Profile/Users Info
Users / Members Reports
Manage Categories, Products and SKU’s
Manage Reviews
View Order Details (Registration Sales, Upgrade Membership, Employee Orders)
View Income/Commission Details
View and Manage E-wallet
Add E-wallet from Admin
View and Manage Payouts
CMS / Manage Website Template (Banners, Menu, Categories, Headers, Testimonials, Blog and Checkout Info, Social Links, Images)
Top Earners in Dashboard
Manage  Users and Sub-admin from Admin
Manage News & Events from Admin
Password management
Ban IPs
Confirm registration activation by confirming activation llink in email


User Client

– Login page multiple widgets
– Easy registration system
– Unlimited levels commission plan
– Override earnings from downline membership renewal and Product purchases
– Unlimited network / genealogy branches
– Complete affiliate network earnings overview
– Comprehensive transaction records
– Simple Link/Affiliate Link recruitment feature
– Direct & referral recruitment modules
– Advanced genealogy charts
– Integration with social media
– Membership management
– Membership upgrades
– Automated monthly renewal
– Can set monthly quota to qualify for commissions
– e-Wallet / points / virtual cash management
– Cash withdrawal management
– Security layer for withdrawals (private PIN no)
– User profile, photo and details
– Multiple language support

Admin Client

– Dashboard view
– Global access into all affiliate accounts
– Membership packages and perks control
– Commission levels and depth control
– Commission percentages control
– Toggle ON/OFF membership renewal commission
– Network / genealogy branch limit (width) control
– Configurable Stairstep and Unilevel structure / genealogy
– Manage commission release
– Manage Store, categories and products
–  Can set monthly quota to qualify for commissions
– Create and manage activation codes for registration and membership upgrades.
– Cash withdrawals control panel
– Content management
– Resources and media management
– Announcement broadcasting
– Multiple reports
– Report exporting
– Advanced cash flow monitoring graph
– Event scheduling for users
– Powerful instant search and filtering features
– Email settings and notifications
– Create admin/sub admin and set roles
– Edit / remove admin/sub admin and roles
– Auto Branch Login Timing
– Monitor Login Timings
– Manage State for Branches
– Manage District for Branches
– Manage Backoffice Logo
– Manage Activate License

– Add a Branch
– Manage All Branch
– List of Branches
– Branch Business Report
– Bank Account Details
– Block Branch
– Unblock Branch
– Branch Customers
– Backup Database

– Add a Franchisee
– Manage All Franchisee
– List of Franchisee
– Franchisee Business Report
– Bank Account Details
– Block Franchisee
– Unblock Franchisee
– Franchisee Customers
– Backup Database

-The amount in E-wallet can be used for purchasing E-pins.
-The amount in E-wallet can be used for new registrations.
-The amount in E-wallet can be used for ordering/purchasing product.
-Can transfer Money to other E-Wallet (From one user to another).
-The Amount deducted in re-purchase from payouts can be transferred to E-wallet.

-Enter the maximum E-Pin allowed in the system.
-Select the E-pin format (Alphabets or Numerals, Alphanumerals, add Prefix, no Prefix)
-Enter the E-Pin amount to be assigned to the system.
-Generate Request E-Pin
-Show E-Pin Request
-User Requests to Buy E-Pin from Admin
-Allocate E-Pin
-Edit, Block, Delete E-Pin
-Show E-pin Status
-Search E-Pin
-Send e-pin by email

Budget: $500

Posted On: January 14, 2021 14:10 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:eCommerce Website, Responsive Design, Website Optimization, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, Laravel, Python, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Payoneer, MySQL

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