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I hope you’re well! My name is Christie and I would like to create a social media platform that will integrate videos, profiles and chats. I would like the app to look like a studying accountability app that show the number of people connected as well as the look of google meet, where everyone who’s connected have an option to join the video community or the "study" like community where they are online without showing their faces.

I would need an app and website so people can connect directly on their phones of laptops.

How long do you think it could take to build?
What other information would you need?
I have a tight budget, how much would the app be?

Posted On: January 14, 2021 22:00 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:React, API, RESTful, API Integration, Database Design, CMS, UX/UI, WordPress, Node.js, eCommerce Website, Amazon Web Services, jQuery, AJAX, WordPress Plugin, Web Application, Bootstrap, MySQL, MongoDB, Custom PHP

Country: Canada

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