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Need a developer to finish and smooth the buy sell features of an exchange website.  The exchange needs to have a real time operation of a (SELL) posting feature of stock A by User X for # Price , and the ability to have a purchase feature of a (BUY) of stock X by User Y for # Price.  Once the stock is Sold by User X and Purchased by User Y, the account of User X needs to be credited for # Price Amount and the account of User Y needs to be debited for # Price Amount.  This transaction also needs to be uploaded to the "ticker" – ( which is a running scroll of the last sold price of Stock A, as well as other stocks on the website).  There also needs to be a full market graph for all of the stocks (right now 1-30 stocks, but that number will grow with scale).  We have had a previous developer team put together most of the website but we need outside development to bring influential skills to finish the product.  This is a focus on functionality.  The website is created and is secure but we need to fine tune the exchange function. If you are familiar with the exchange format, like any stock exchange database.  Our team would be interested in hearing your potential for this work assignment.

Budget: $1,500

Posted On: January 14, 2021 21:59 UTC
Category: Back-End Development

Country: United States

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