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*Simple and Clean
*Warm and soft color set
*Good contrast between layers
*Lottie animation actions for example bottom of screen could have contact form with Lottie animation For example ; https://lottiefiles.com/marketplace/personal-growth-scene-situation
These animations looks nice excepts it’s small head not.

*Each page should have good harmony from header to footer. We want enough spacing for customers to easily read and easily click.
*The footer should have many sections, we want to keep most of the information on the footer like provided example
*Texts should be short and stunning. We can write maximum two lines on each section
For example; https://prnt.sc/wndn3h

*Mostly the icon sets should express our goal. As most visitors don’t prefer to read.
*The icons should have the suitable theme as shown in the animation above.

*Designs, animations, graphics and information should be easy to understand
Must portray a clear message/feeling we want to show to the customer base. (International Students, between the age of 20-28) mainly from Middle east, China and Russia

*The final design should have general UX approaches and trends for example Almost every visitor has become addicted about login at the right top of screen.
*The design should emphasize to our visitors that this company is reliable(giving trust) , well-success and customer friendly.
*The design can interact with the logo and its materials. For example, if the logo has a student cap, we can use a student with the same cap that can express our goals easily.
the design should appeal to students.
* Design Should be easy to convert to frontend code. It will coded with ReactJs
*Design should be mobile friendly. Mobile design should have a bottom navigation page like the provided sample.

Mobile Sample ;

Sample -1 :
Sample 2 ;

Posted On: January 14, 2021 13:53 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:UI/UX Prototyping, UX/UI, Mobile UI Design, Web UI, SaaS, Motion Design, 2D Animation, Dashboard, Landing Page, Banner Ad Design, Graphic Design, Responsive Design, Figma

Country: Turkey

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