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I am looking for a programmer that can reverse engineer a website if I enter a competitors website URL. (even if it only works with wordpress sites,  all sites would be best if possible)

It can then rebuild the site the same way removing their images and replacing them with ones I upload into media center.  (if the new site is built on wordpress or any other type of fast hosting for good speed).

I want it to also remove their companies info below:  Then replace that info with what I set in for the info below everywhere on the site it mentions it.


There are other ideas I’d like to add to this but this is the start if its possible

So to breakdown how it will work in steps:
1.  I enter a competitors URL
2. I enter the new (name, address, telephone, email etc)
3. I upload new related pictures and or videos
3. It will then duplicate the competitors URL full website and insert my related images/videos if any and update it with the new (name, address, phone, etc) creating a new website on my hosting.
4. also copies their seo info when building site. like metatags, meta descriptions, etc)

Please advise if you can do this and a time frame and pricing if so.

John M.

Budget: $400

Posted On: January 14, 2021 21:14 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Web Application, Website Development, Database Architecture, Database Development, Desktop Applications, WordPress Plugin, Website Optimization, Python, API Integration, Custom PHP, HTML, React, Bootstrap, Node.js, Laravel

Country: United States

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