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This will be very simple work, it just takes a bit of time and i dont have time to do it.

I need someone who can collect 160 royalty free images – i will need them done in 4 groups of 40, each group will be on a different topic such as tree service, plumbing, landscaping, etc – ill explain how id like this done in private message, its very simple and easy to do.

It will be easiest for you to do one set of images (40) at a time.

What i need you do do is…
1 – Collect the images as i’ll show you how to do (you’ll be taking screenshot from youtube videos and then saving them as JPG’s)

2 – Rename each image. Each set of images will be for a different service in a different city, so the names you give each image will be based on this information. Example – If the service was "electricians", and the location was "Sydney". Then you can name the images "Electricians Sydney" "Electrician in Sydney" "electrical company in Sydney" "Sydney electrician" "Sydney electrical service", etc. Each one is slightly different.

3 – I will also need you to change the "Title", "Subject" and "Tag" or each image. I will send you a video showing how to do this, its very simple and quick. You basically right click on the image, click properties, click details, and then copy and paste the image name into the "Title", "Subject" and "Tag" boxes.

4 – Finally, i will need you to add in some GEO tag data – i will explain how to do this in private message, once again, easy to do.

Image sizes can be different sizes but prefer larger images if possible, avoid any blurred or low quality images. Please deliver in JPG. I will provide video instructions showing you the entire process (for 1 image) from start to finish.

The final deliverable will be 160 images in 4 groups of 40.

Budget: $40

Posted On: January 23, 2021 09:35 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Data Entry

Country: Australia

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