Need Designer to design Educational App – Upwork

Design of 6 main screens and 4-5 sub-screens:
Main Screen 1: Sign in / Signup with basic user information such as school / college name, class, age, tuition centre  
– Sub screen 1: if new user, then details required or sign up using Facebook / Gmail, etc. [screen flow will be shown]
– Sub screen 2: if regular user, then sign in, maybe finger print [screen flow will be shown]

Main Screen 2: Terms and condition screen
Main Screen 3: Landing screen with individual details  
– Sub screen 1: if new user, options to select subjects, courses, etc
– Sub Screen 2: if regular user, then the dashboard to provide progress overview / of his/her subjects, time spent, remaining course, score etc

Main Screen 4: MCQ landing screen with title and to select options for a) time limit / no time limit b) number of questions c) show correct answer as we go d) show explanation after each attempt etc.
Main Screen 5: MCQ screen itself with question, options, running timer if selected  
Main Screen 6: MCQ result screen with a) percentage b) number of right answers out of total c) share your progress on Facebook d) back to home e) redo

Posted On: January 23, 2021 08:01 UTC
Category: Mobile Design
Skills:Android, iOS, Wireframes, Prototype

Country: Australia

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