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i am putting together a demo video, and i need to show 3 women and 3 men answering these questions.

.. What word would you use to describe 2020? What word to describe your hopes for 2021?
.. Is your reaction disproportionate to the situation?
.. What defines a strong man or a strong woman?
.. Benefits because of the new virus?
.. Bananas, you prefer green, yellow or brown?

if you are interested, i can provide links to the full questions being asked in voice, which may help you when answering.

answers need to be more than one word. 15 to 30 seconds at minimum, few minutes at maximum. there is not a ‘correct’ answer. for this video, the audio needs to be in english.

what questions do you have for me?

Budget: $10

Posted On: January 23, 2021 09:30 UTC
Category: Virtual/Administrative Assistance
Skills:Personal, Virtual, Communication, Presentation

Country: United States

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