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We need somebody to design a website for us on EditorX or WIX.

Content is ready .. page layout and site map is also ready .. images to go up on the website are ready.

Domain name has been purchased.

Right now a draft version of the website created on WordPress is hosted on AWS. Designer should be able to help get the domain pointed to editorX design and hosting service as needed.

Website is a static website with forms which should collect contact details of users should they choose to share them.

In case you are a wix expert and interested in this job, reach out to ashish on +91-9890536269 via whatsapp/signal .. .. he will give you access to the necessary folder and documents.

You can review the doc and then decide based on the doc whether you want to take up the project or not and whether or not you have the relevant skills.

If you decide to take the project, you will need to submit hand drawn sketches of the 5 pages of the website. The sketches need not be perfect but they are needed for the team to take a decision whether you should be hired or not. Sample sketches are attached so you have an idea of what is expected in sketch submission.

The reason we have kept this entry system is to see whether the designer can read, understand and follow written instructions or not.

You may use images of Jupiter as background theme pics if you like. Some good images are available on .. these images are free and high res .. copies can be downloaded from pixabay .. feel free to use other HD images of Jupiter available online in case you wish to.

When you bid for the project, please mention the MINIMUM and least possible time in which you can deliver the web design and help to take it live.

As a part of bid, please submit a sample designed home page as per instructions in the document — or hand-drawn draft sketches for the 5 pages mentioned in the document as you imagine them to be.

Project budget is $75 right now .. website needs to get ready in 24 hours .. for good and timely deliver there will be a 30% bonus .. if website cannot be delivered in 24 hours from the start of contact then there is no bonus component attached.

Cost of editorx hosting will be borne by us. Once you confirm you want to take up the project, editorx account credentials will be shared with you where you can build the site.

Budget: $80

Posted On: January 23, 2021 07:28 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Mockup, Sketches, Landing Page, Website, Sketch, Wix

Country: India

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