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I have spent enough time in Selenium with Python to undertake many tasks. I can make pretty much every script headless which is good for cloud servers dedicated to automated tasks, and I can work with bs4 and simple regression algorithms to create complicated scripts. Do anyone know if there’s a remote job specifically for selenium? Even little scripts are good.

Edit: Delivered 8 jobs on reddit. Waiting for more.

You can see my original thread here:


About the jobs I took recently:First one was kind of a tutoring on selenium. Second one was getting data out of a map vector by ocr, and the third one was a web automation script with natural mouse and keyboard actions. I have completed the fourth job which is a twitter bot that quotes by parsing data from other websites. The guy ghosted me and then contacted me to tell me that he never even asked the job from me. But I have sold the code to other people from reddit and other places. Fifth job was a natural language analysis code on a python jupyter notebook with wordnet api. Sixth job was recently completed, and it was an automatic gaming video content collector script. Seventh job on reddit was a listing collector form an e commerce website for seo purposes and its sql importer. 8th job was a mass account creator for a well known social media platform. I have delivered it. While I was working on the code that’ll automate their interactions, we had a fallout with the client due to his very demanding nature. I sent him whatever I did on the second part and didn’t take any money for the second part as compensation on my part.[This guy threatened me to destroy my reputation with fake reddit accounts.] I also had a fallout with another client on reddit due to mutual distrust issues. The code I developed so far is for sale. It’s a bot handler for the game streamraiders. I have developed an automatic link downlaoder for a customer and I am working on the payment to deliver the product. I am also in process of developing an automatic form submitter to some company’s interface.

I also own a telegram group for Selenium and Scraping Jobs

I’ve also implemented a captcha solver to a python code in the telegram group.

I’ve also implemented a telegram bot to a python code in the telegram group.

I’ve also given tutoring classes for 25$/h in the telegram group.

I’ve also created a code for scraping an impossible website, immobilienscout24.de and I’ve combined it with sheets api. The code also created a printable files for each listing if required. This job was also in telegram group.

I’ve also integrated a telegram bot for semi-autonomous ddos bypassing.

I’ve recently developed a telegram bot that could trigger an automation script in the backend.

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