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Step. 1:  

Take the data from pdf in this file  

and place into this google sheets spreadsheet.

Step 2: Go to  and enter each address listed on the spreadsheet in Step 1, and use the information there to fill in the google sheet, until the spreadsheet is complete.  I have filled in the first four names.  Please follow this example for the rest.

Note that the line under the name is (usually) the organization. If that line is blank, that means that there is no organization. The next line down is the street address. If there is no street address (as is the case of Janeen Provazek), you won’t be able to get the district and the names of the representative. Note that 350 is the name of an organization, not part of a street address

Budget: $25

Posted On: February 05, 2021 20:02 UTC
Category: Data Processing
Skills:Data Entry

Country: United States

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