Student Counsellors need to sell our Test Series for School Students – Upwork

Bright Learning conducts descriptive and MCQ type test series for CBSE X, XI, XII & NEET students through online.
• Detailed schedule for each test series will be published in our website
• Question Papers [PDF] will be uploaded into our website according to the schedule
• Students shall write the tests in paper and can upload the answer sheet [PDF] into our website
• Students will receive the evaluated answer papers [PDF] in three working days
• Beside students will be provided the solution sheets for all the test papers
• Fee per test will vary from Rs. 25 to Rs. 200 depending upon the Class and size of the test. Students can take one test with free of cost
• Available Test Series : CBSE X Mathematics & Science, CBSE XII Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, NEET Chapter Tests, Major Tests and Mock Tests
Role of Student Mentor
Stage 1
• Bright Learning will give you contacts of students from your region and somewhere in India regularly
• You have to contact the Parents / Students through Call or WhatsApp to explain about available Test Series and have to convince them to take up our Tests by explaining the benefits of it
• You may ask students to attend one test without paying  money by giving them a Coupon Code so that those students will get registered in our website under your Name
• Bright Learning will evaluate their answer papers
Stage 2
• You have to send reminder messages to enrolled students about upcoming tests
• You have to motivate students and parents to take up our tests regularly
• You have to get feedback from students and have to convey to Bright Learning Office
Salary of Student Mentor (Commission Basis)
The salary of Student Mentor of a particular month
= 10 % of the Fee paid by the students enrolled under you with regard to paper correction and solution sheets

Budget: $100

Posted On: February 05, 2021 13:33 UTC
Category: Sales & Business Development

Country: India

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