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I am running an architecture design firm and our company is expanding into physically delivering the smaller recreational dwellings we design such as tiny homes, cabins, yurts, glamping structures, tree houses, barns, pavilions and more. Shippable architecture in a nutshell.

This fun and exciting division of our firm needs to have a well designed conversion home page and a robust yet simple marketplace for our potential clients to review and start the design/purchasing process.

We have a Squarespace site currently and looking for professional help to clean up our brand identity and not overwhelm our visitors with the myriad of creative offerings we have.

I would love to know about you and see some of your work

Please feel free to call directly or do a zoom.

Peter van Geldern
Design Principle
UnFOLD creative

Posted On: February 05, 2021 19:26 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Canva, Mailchimp, Adobe InDesign, Trello, Google Analytics, Content Management System, WordPress, WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugin, Squarespace

Country: United States

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