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I am in need of an online assessment, very similar to https://www.personanutrition.com/

1. Answers to questions will be used to automatically create a customer account, like name and email, similar to what https://www.personanutrition.com/ does in their assessment.

2. When the customer selects 3 health conditions, those answers are linked to actual ingredient blends, like energy blend, digestive blend, and joint blend, for example. That will be used to create a custom formula for the customer.

3. Based on the 3 conditions selected, the survey results will show our product to purchase with the 3 condition blends included in our product.

4. Based on answers to additional questions, the customer will also be recommended additional blends to be added onto their customized product as an option.

5. Once the questionnaire is completed, the customer should see their custom product, as well as the option to add additional blends to their product, finally be able to add it to their cart for purchase.

I need to work on a workflow with developer familiar with woocommerce to create this assessment and product configuration to the cart so that customers can see what’s included in their custom formula and be able to add it to their cart for purchase.

We will need to get on a video chat to best explain my needs, however the information above should help with project overview.

Please leave your best estimate for project cost and time frame.

Hourly Range: $19.00-$46.00

Posted On: February 05, 2021 13:34 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:WooCommerce, WordPress

Country: United States

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