3D artists, animators and VFX professionals for a new game studio

Lost Ferry Interactive

About Lost Ferry Interactive
We are game studio based in Mumbai, India working on new IP in video games. We are fresh from the oven and are at the conceptualizing stage operating in stealth mode. As an early employee, you will have an opportunity to impact multiple aspects of the IP including creative direction, game design and mechanics.

The Role
We’re are hiring for multiple roles in various domains including art, animation, character and environment design. You will have significant creative control over your domain. You’d participate in ideation and conceptualization and will be responsible for delivering over the entire cycle starting from prototyping to production. You are someone who is hands-on with their tools and are comfortable with working in an exploratory environment where requirements evolve over time and are not predefined.

Job Requirements
We’re looking for 3D professionals having experience in any of the following:

    – 3D modeling & texturing
    – Character design
    – 3D animation & rigging
    – Lighting artists
    – Environment design
    – VFX artists
    – Technical artists
    – Game & level design

Depending upon your domain, you need to have experience with some of the following tools:

    – 3ds Max
    – Maya
    – Substance Painter
    – ZBrush
    – Blender
    – Redshift 3D
    – Illustrator
    – Unreal Engine
    – Godot
    – CryEngine
    – Unity

Work experience
Our preference is for professionals having more than two years of experience in their respective domain but, we’re also interested in freshers who can showcase their portfolio.

Type of employment
While we prefer professionals who can join on full-time basis, we are open to individual contractors who are willing to engage on for relatively longer duration.

Based on your skills and experience.

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