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I am working on a personal project (nothing commercial! ) which is as seen in the attached simple overview. i am electronics hardware and integration engineer.

the project is based on Raspberry PI4 and Arduino MEGA (the MEGA is wired to 4 slave NANOs via I2C).

I am currently dealing with all the Arduinos as it is something i am familiar with (i have some c-programming struggles but essentially i manage writing the sw for both the MEGA and the NANOs)

My programming capabilities end with the Arduino .

this is where i ask any one who can offer his help to join me on this project and handle all the PI4 side which should do the following :

1. show a UI which i will design – the UI shows info gathered by the arduinos
2. according to some switches on the UI, it should send data to the ARD to control peripherals (ARD or PI4 peripherals)
3. the UI should auto-start when the PI4 is powered on and work immediately – there should be no OS GUI for the user to click an icon to start the dashboard app. if there is an OS, the user will be able to access via secret code or gesture.

i must add that because of point No.3 above, i am not sure if the PI4 needs to have a heavy OS. but again, i have no knowledge about that. for the example sake – in the old DOS days (yep, im a dinosaur 😆 ) – you could just load DOS, then autorun your program.

Posted On: February 07, 2021 06:34 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:Graphic Design

Country: Israel

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