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    1. Project Background and Description

Mozoon is an existing loyalty program for Abu Issa Holding that operates in physical stores that allows members to earn and redeem points. Mozoon will have a digital app and website to allow customers to login and manage their profiles, check statement, and view promos.
Abu Issa Holding also runs multiple websites on Shopify like,,, etc.

The project will require integrating Mozoon into these shopify websites so that anyone who signs in through any of the online shops on shopify will retain a Mozoon sign-on, can shop, earn points, and redeem points as a payment method.

    2. Project Scope

What is required:
    1) Mozoon sign in should be the only form of sign in on these shopify websites after the integration.
    2) Members will be able to see how many points they will earn before payment.
    3) Members should be able to earn points.
    4) Members should be able to redeem points (as a payment method, will require developing a method for Mozoon to be used as a payment method by Shopify).
    5) Members should be able to sign in to Mozoon through any of these Shopify Websites under Abu Issa Holding. (Sign up will require redirect to
    6) Members should be able to see how many points they are going to earn for their basket before paying.
What is not required:
    1) Developing a sign up for Mozoon (Mozoon already has its own sign up through or Mozoon Mobile App).
    2) Developing a Mozoon webpage, mobile app or postlogin capabilities.

Budget: $1,800

Posted On: February 07, 2021 07:12 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Shopify, App Development, JavaScript, Ecommerce Platform Development

Country: Qatar

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