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We are start up in stealth mode and we are looking for talented mobile apps developers. Though this job is time-bound to enable timely launch of our app, we are looking for long term relationships to grow together.

There are three deliverables in total (this can be split into separate gigs as well):
1) iOS app
2) android app
3) website

In general there are 3 User journeys and both the apps as well as the website should be structured accordingly:
1) monitoring existing investments (keep, sell, dashboard)
2) searching for new investment opportunities (hot aka promoted deals, open, re-sale, and closed aka history)
3) knowledge base, consisting of market chatter (influencers etc), investment tips, and news
There is also a Wallet, which needs to be easily accessible throughout the user journet.

There are 3 tiers of users:
A) Observer (no registration) can only view listings, no access to knowledge base, no investments
B) Analyst (email and cell phone verified) has also access to knowledge base, no investments
C) Investor (full KYC/AML verification process) has access to all features
Other than the 3 user tier levels, there should be a content manager role, a technical manager role, and a super user.

Users can view our assets in grid, list and map view and filter them according to several filters, e.g. size, yield, cost, location etc.
Users will be able to see their investment performance, which is mostly simply displaying results from arithmetics on data from a database.
There is a knowledge base section that contains a news feed, social media feeds, and general investment tips.
There is a wallet functionality, where users can transfer money in and out. The wallet is used to invest in assets, pay fees, and receive the yield.
There is a Know your customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) onboarding process.
Users need to be able to transfer money into and out of their wallet through bank transfer, paypal, square, credit card.

The assets will be hosted in a database, so the apps/website need to interact with this.

A link to an app prototype is available and can be shared upon request.

Posted On: February 07, 2021 08:01 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Phone, PC, iOS, Android, MongoDB, MySQL, Very Small (1-9 employees), User Authentication, User Profile Creation, Map Integration, Payments, API Integration, Application Security, Push Notifications, Support, Location, Microsoft SQL Server

Country: United Arab Emirates

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